Medical Conditions in School

At St Philip's, we are an inclusive community that aims to support and welcome pupils with medical conditions.  We aim to provide all pupils with all medical conditions the same opportunities as others at the school.  As a school we ensure that:

  • All staff understand their duty of care to children and young people in the event of an emergency
  • All staff feel confident in knowing what to do in an emergency
  • The school understands that certain medical conditions are serious and can be potentially life threatening, particularly if ill-managed or misunderstood
  • All staff understand the common medical conditions that affect our children and receive training on the effect these conditions can have on these children.
  • Staff receive additional training about any children who may have complex medical needs supported by an Individual Healthcare Plan (IHP)
  • The school works alongside Stockport NHS Foundation Trust and the Local Authority where necessary.

All our staff are both First Aid and epi-pen trained.  In addition to this, Mrs Davies had undergone an enhanced paediatric first aid course, and is named as our lead First Aider.  

Our named School Nurse is Elizabeth Donegan.  

As a school, we have experience of dealing with complex chronic conditions that need day-to-day management.  If your child has a medical condition, please let the school know and we can work together to come up with an effective medical management plan.

Inhalers - Asthma

If your child has asthma, even if you consider it to be mild and you don't feel it affects your child on a day-to-day basis, please let the school know as soon as possible.  Each asthmatic child must have their own blue 'reliever' inhaler and spacer in school.  We will administer blue inhalers as and when they are needed.  If your child takes their inhaler in school, they will come home with a sticker on their uniform stating when they took it and how many puffs.  Each asthmatic child must have an Asthma Management Plan within school.  These are available in the office.  We will let you know if your child's inhaler is close to expiry


All members of staff are fully-trained in administering epi-pens in the event of an emergency.  If your child has been issued with an epi-pen, we will need to fill in an IHCP.  Please arrange an appointment with Mrs Davies at or on 0161 483 0977 so we can complete this together.   We will let you know if your child’s epi-pen is due to expire.


We are unable to administer antibiotics in school.  If your child is on antibiotics and they are well enough to be in school, arrangements will have to be made to administer the medicine yourself to your child during the school day.  Please speak to Mrs Tiplady in the office to arrange this. 

Pain/Fever Relief

If your child has a fever in school, we will contact you using the emergency contact details held on record.  We are unable to administer paracetamol (Calpol), ibuprofen or any other over-the-counter medicines in school.  If your child has a fever, we will contact you to come and collect them. 

Any Other Medicines

If your child needs to take any other routine medication on a daily basis as part of a medical management plan for a chronic medical condition, please make an appointment with Mrs Davies at or 0161 483 0977 to arrange this.  Please note, we are unable to administer medicines for acute (short-term) illnesses.

Accidents in School

If your child injures themselves at school or complains of malaise and our First Aider doesn't think they are well enough to remain in school, they will be sent home with a first aid slip stating the issue, how any injury was treated and the outcome following the injury. If we feel your child needs additional medical attention, we will notify you either at the end of the school day or at the time of the injury (depending on the severity of the injury).  

Common Illnesses and Infection Absence Periods

Below is a list of common illnesses and, if necessary, how long they should stay off school for.  As we are an inclusive school and do have pupils with complex medical conditions, we would ask that you follow these guidelines in order to protect the health of our school community.  If your child is suffering from a illness not on the list, please contact Mrs Tiplady in the school office for further guidance.

NB This information is a guideline only.  For accurate up to date information, please contact Mrs Emily Davies.

Infection Control and Absenteeism Periods