Mission Statement, Values and Ethos

Our Mission Statement

We recognise that as children of God, all pupils at St. Philip’s deserve the highest possible standards of teaching and learning.

We seek, through daily worship, to support each other on our journeys of faith, to develop our awareness of the needs of the wider community and to proclaim and celebrate the Good News of God’s love for all.

We strive to create a safe, welcoming and nurturing environment, rooted in Gospel values, where all can grow and flourish.

We work to establish strong links with all those responsible for the welfare and education of our children including parents and carers, our Parish, the local community and partner education and welfare agencies.

We aim to foster a sense of personal vocation and sense of belonging as well as a spirit of awe and wonder as our children discover and learn more about themselves and the world around them.

Our Aims

We strive to create a school environment where all children feel safe.


We aim to develop a sense of self-worth and for all children to feel valued.


We believe that real learning can take place once this secure basis is established.


We have high expectations of children's behaviour and their achievements and we aim to encourage children to develop their highest potential.


We encourage children to get to know themselves and others more fully and in doing so develop a self awareness that leads to self esteem and a real belief in themselves as children of God.


We believe that our school should reflect our faith and that this faith should be integrated into the whole life of the school and witnessed in the attitudes of the children and staff.

Our Values

We REJOICE that each us is a unique individual, created and loved by God.

We RESPECT everyone regardless of colour, race, gender, religion or background.

We develop RESILIENCE so that we can always do our best and be the very best that we can be.

Our Motto

‘Christ at the Centre’